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Moses Bako pleads with NWFL board, NWFL Club Owners Association to sheath swords and embrace peace



By Saheed Afolabi


Popular women football advocate, Moses Bako has called for peace and calm from both the NWFL board and NWFL Club Owners Association in order to move the association forward.

The well respected football administrator urged both parties to strike a balance and seek for peace, as he added that the Aisha Falode led board have done excellently well.

“Good day ladies and gentlemen, great football administrators, great advocates of women football, great sports journalists, lovers and fans of women football.

“The Bible says in the book of Matthew 5:9 that  ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God’

The little of Quran I know says in Quran 42:40 (42:40), ‘The recompense of evil is evil the like of it. But he who forgives and makes amends, his reward lies with Allah. Surely He (Allah) does not love the wrong-doers.’

“Let’s all together seek peace, the growth and development of the Women league which have become a reference point in Nigeria today because of its organisation and developmental strides.

“The good or bad of the NWFL, the NWFL Board and NWFL Club Owners Association both have the acronym ‘NWFL’, together let us all move NWFL forward.

It’s time to reach a common ground, strike a balance and make sure NWFL continues to move forward.

“It’s because it’s sweet today that everyone is interested in it, talks about it and ready to promote it. No doubt about this, Aisha Falode led board have done excellently well.

I had earlier called for calm on the note that I believe that this issue can be solved without getting to the level we got to yesterday.

“I believe that all over the world there is no election that is not supervised or observed by a parent body and that is not interference or not been independent.

“But peradventure, there is a missing link, then let us still seek peaceful ways in addressing the issues. I therefore want to plead once again with the NWFL Club Owners to meet and seek for a lasting solution and I also plead with the NWFL board to call for a meeting to put an end to this issues.

“On a personal note, as a women football advocate by choice and an Evangelist by calling, I will plead with everyone to seek peace. Thank you, God bless you, Long live NWFL.”

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