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I’m working hard to have a successful Wafa league campaign, I’m not in support of any team – Babatunde Balogun



By Saheed Afolabi


The LOC chairman of Women Accredited Football Academies (WAfA), Babatunde Balogun told our correspondent during a chat that the introduction of relegation and promotion to Wafa is to encourage competitiveness and make it a top notch league.

Balogun replied to rumours flying around that he’s supporting some clubs in Wafa which he vehemently said as the independent LOC chairman of Wafa, he doesn’t support any team and he has done his best to be neutral in the scheme of things.

The Lagos based owner of FC Brave also added that plans are underway to ensure the Wafa division one league Super 4 will be a befitting one that will be played a conducive environment where scouts are expected to pick up the best legs.

*It’s good that we have introduce relegation and promotion to wafa, because any league that doesn’t have relegation to a lower league or promotion to the topflight league is not worth a league.

“So as an independent LOC chairman, this is one of the achievements that we have brought to the Wafa league which all clubs agree to it. We want to believe, we are trying our best to ensure we have a successful league and I wish all clubs a successful league campaign.

“I am not working for anybody, likewise I am working for everyone that participated in this year’s Wafa league.

“My position as the independent LOC chairman of Wafa means I have no team in Wafa league and I want to reiterate further that I’m not working in favor for any team and whosoever that finds his team top of the league table, congratulations to them and I don’t wish any team to win but I wish all teams to win.

“I am making this point clear due to rumours flying around that the Wafa LOC chairman is working for a particular team, I hereby say it’s false and I remain neutral in the activities of Wafa.

“I am planning so hard that we have a very lovely and befitting Super 4 in a serene and highly secured environment that’s conducive for our girls to play and showcase their talents, where we will invite scouts to scout for the best legs and will be possible through our management Brave Sport Management.

“There will be a total of 13 teams in the first division next season.”

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