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Mandate Movement Mark 3 in 1 Anniversary, Highlights Tinubu’s Achievement




Kehinde Adeleye


A landmark event was held at the bustling Police Ground in Ikeja, Lagos, where Mr. Abdullahi Ayinde Enilolobo, the Lagos State Chairman of The Mandate Movement, delivered a powerful address to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Mandate Movement, the first-year anniversary of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration, and the 31st Anniversary of the June 12 election annulment.



Echonews reports that the gathering was not only an opportunity to commemorate historic milestones in Nigeria’s democratic journey, but also served as a reflection on the country’s democratic development. Mr. Enilolobo’s speech drew attention to the interconnected stories of Nigeria’s democratic advancement and the crucial roles played by its leaders. He highlighted the significant strides made thus far, while also recognizing that the nation is still on a journey towards achieving full democratic maturity.


“June 12th stands as a testament to our commitment to democracy,” Enilolobo declared. “Our progress may be gradual, but it is unwavering. Each election, including the notable improvements seen in 2023, moves us closer to our democratic ideals.”


A significant portion of Enilolobo’s speech was dedicated to celebrating President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s unique role in Nigeria’s history. Tinubu, who played a critical role during the pro-democracy struggles of the 1990s, was lauded for his enduring commitment to democratic principles.


“President Tinubu’s leadership during the June 12 struggle was exemplary. His sacrifices laid the foundation for the democratic freedoms we enjoy today,” Enilolobo said, highlighting Tinubu’s transformation from a resistance leader to the nation’s president.


Enilolobo outlined several key achievements of Tinubu’s first year in office, underscoring their impact on Nigeria’s development:


Student Loan Program: Successfully processing over 60,000 applications, providing educational opportunities for underprivileged students.


Lagos-Calabar Highway: A major infrastructure project anticipated to benefit over 50,000 Nigerians and stimulate economic growth.


Central Bank Accountability: Implementing reforms to ensure transparency and reduce the politicization of monetary policy.

Oil Sector Stabilization: Efforts to curb oil theft and vandalism, leading to significant recoveries and operational improvements in key refineries.


The anniversary event also celebrated The Mandate Movement’s 25 years of advocacy and mobilization. Enilolobo announced ambitious plans to expand the movement’s influence across Nigeria, emphasizing its role in supporting and defending democratic governance.


“The Mandate Group is poised to establish its presence in all 36 states, mobilizing support for President Tinubu’s administration and the broader democratic cause,” Enilolobo proclaimed.


The celebration concluded on a high note, with Enilolobo urging continued commitment to Nigeria’s democratic and developmental goals. The event highlighted the nation’s progress while acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead, reinforcing a collective resolve to build a brighter future.