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Turn Apakun Garden to tourism center to stem nefarious activities, residents tell Sanwo-Olu


Turn Apakun Garden to tourism center to stem nefarious activities, residents tell Sanwo-Olu

By Edith Igbokwe

Following the consistent nefarious activities carried out by suspected hoodlums at the abandoned Apakun Garden parks, Charity Oshodi, the residents of Isokan community, Apakun area of Mafoluku have beckoned to the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu to turn the place to a tourism centre in order to stem the crimes daily committed in the area.

While speaking with ECHONEWS, the Chairman, Isokan Community Development Association (CDA), Mr. Kazeem Fawole said the association has suggested to the government to turn Apakun Garden into tourist/leisure centre where people can relax with adequate security measure.

He said if the place is always full of people, the perpetrators of criminal activities would be forced to leave the area, knowing that there are people watching their movements.


Fawole, who noted that the Lagos State Garden and Parks Agency may not be able to control the place alone, suggested partnership between the government and some private organisations to turn carry out the project with the provision of the necessary security agents and facilities.

Such establishment, he said, would bring development into the community, provide employment to the youths to be engaged in some services and also serve as source of income to the government.

If taken serious and carried out, Fawole believed that such transformation would light up the community, discourage miscreants and attract good wills and benefits.