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UPP senatorial candidate threatens to drag INEC to court over election result


UPP senatorial candidate threatens to drag INEC to court over election result

By Abolaji Adebayo

The Lagos West Senatorial candidate under the United Progressive Party (UPP), Princess Nkem Chibogu Kenneth, has cried out that she was robbed of her mandate during the last election as no result was announced for her.

The embattled candidate told Echonews that despite her efforts to mobilise people who voted for her, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) did not announce any result for her after the election and that no result has hitherto been announced for her.

She said she has contacted INEC for her result but was asked to come back on Monday after the governorship election as she threatened to drag the INEC to court if it refuses to release her result.


According to her, about 551 people voted for her at her polling unit not to talk of other polling unit but none of the votes counted for her including her own vote.

Kenneth disclosed that she had no party agent at any of the polling units neither at the collation center; this, as she claimed should not be the reason for not announcing any result for her.

She claimed that she didn’t need to plant anyone at the center for her result to be announced, saying the electoral umpire might have sold her results for another party.

“They stole my votes, they stole my mandate. Even if I didn’t have agents at the polling units and the collation center, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have any vote to be announced by the INEC. What happened to my votes?

“People who voted for me have been bombarding me with messages, accusing me of compromising after they stood under the sun to cast their votes for me.


“My PA has been to INEC times without number for results and sheets which is my right, they said no result sheets yet, they have not finished with compilation but some people are already parading themselves as winners.

“We were at INEC on Monday and yesterday for at least result sheets of all but INEC said no results yet for all candidates they couldn’t provide any not a single. Now they said come we should come back on Tuesday!

“In my polling unit, I had 550 voters who voted for UPP on the 23rd of February for senate just one polling unit plus myself making 551. Yes, we have no agent or whatever, is that why they should steal the votes, cancel it or what? That’s what we don’t understand.

“I personally, I’m yet to understand what happened like every other we have been getting calls from to know how far or whether we compromised with APC, it is embarrassing.

“A pharmacist in Iba new site different from mine, on the 24th of February, after the election told me that he and other 460 of his Ofuobu Umuigbo group voted for me.  Even the Arewas in Agege and Ikeja have also called to know what happened to their votes.


“Ok come to think of it let’s assume nobody voted for me, what happened to my own personal vote which is clear?

“At least, the INEC should let me have the sheets where the results were recorded, let’s see our numbers. I know Yayi didn’t beat me.”