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Oshodi-Isolo LG welcomes Miss Africa World back to her root


By Edith Igbokwe


Oshodi-Isolo Local Government Area went agog on as the Government, people of the community celebrated Miss Africa World, Queen Uche Umeogukwu who won a keenly contested beauty pageant in California, USA.

A day visit of Miss Africa world to the community was eventful and fruitful as various activities were organized in honour of Oshodi-born World Queen as well as to promote the cultural values and beliefs of the Nation.

The activities commenced with a rousing welcome home march parade by some selected schools within the local government, followed by cultural dance display by different ethnic groups after which the Chief Host, the Executive Chairman of Oshodi-Isolo Local Government, Hon. Idris Bolaji Muse-Ariyoh addressed the gathering of people that came to honour the Queen as historical development of the community was revisited for proper understandings of Oshodi-Isolo community history.

The event gained momentum as the Queen visited some of the institutions within the community to identify areas in which she might be of assistance to touch the lives of the people and bring development to the community.

Miss Africa World, on her visit to Afolabi Primary school at Brown Street, was made to understand some of the challenges facing the school while she promised to come to the aid of the school by donating materials and facilities needed to upgrade the school.

At Abibat Mogaji Modern Market, Kairo Oshodi, the Queen was able to see some of the local fabric and she registered her delight on the development that has taken place in her absence.

“It’s my pleasure coming home to see that our markets to some extent have been developed and modernized beyond what they were used to be.

“I will continue to work on how to get many of our market women connected to people outside the country for more partnership to enhance the progress of their trades.”

Oshodi Staff Primary Health Centre was not left out in her visit as the challenges confronting the effective functioning of the health centre were discussed.

“There is no alternative to good health which is only possible when there is availability of required facilities coupled with good drugs. I promise to provide some facilities that would enhance effective operation of the clinic,” she pledged.

After the long activities of the day, Miss Africa World was treated to a dinner organized in her honour at the newly constructed marriage registry of the local government.

In her response, Umeogukwu appreciated the government of Oshodi-Isolo and the community for the warmth reception she was given while speaking of good memories that would linger on for years to come.