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Oniwinde educates residents on proper use of nose cover


By Motolani AbdulGafar

The representative of Africa Centre for Disease Control for Isolo/Ejigbo LCDAs, Mrs.  Ayodeji Oniwinde has drawn the attention o the public  to the wrong way people wear medical-grade mask.

While demonstrating the proper way of wearing the mask to the members of the Community Development Committee (CDC) at Ejigbo council secretariat, Oniwinde explained that it is a 3-layer mask that has a rubber strap at the upper layer and a free part at the lower layer.

According to her, the blue shaded side of the mask is the outer part while the white shaded side is the inner part for the covering of the nose.

“It is assumed that the size of your thumb is the size of your nose bridge so it is placed at the middle of the mask dividing the mask into two equal parts.”

She cautioned that the rubber strap should be pressed on the thumb in order to fit in the shape of the nose bridge before opening the three layers of the mask and placing the rubber part on the bridge of the nose for covering.

“You should try to breathe out large air to confirm that there is no air escaping channel after placing the mask because the virus can be transmitted or contracted if there is any opening.”

Oniwinde disclosed that the constriction of air will not suffocate the user as it is safer than allowing the egression of air.

The newly posted Health Educator of Ejigbo LCDA, Mrs. Balogun also confirmed the usage as explained by Oniwinde.