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LSHA aspirant, Oliyide, assures constituents of empowerment programmes, funds


LSHA aspirant, Oliyide, assures constituents of empowerment programmes, funds

By Abolaji Adebayo

Hon. Oliyide

An aspirant for Oshodi-Isolo Constituency II seat at the Lagos State House of Assembly under the platform of All Peoples Congress (APC), Hon Ayodele Abdulhafees Oliyide, has promised that his priority, aside the normal business of a legislator, would be on empowerment of youths and the women through partnership with private sector as well as creating empowerment funds for the populace.


According to him, the welfare of the people and the development of the community should be the focus of anybody representing the constituency in government.

While speaking with Echonews, Oliyide, who noted the challenges of the people at the grassroots, declared that he would create a loan scheme to be tagged “Social Welfare Intervention Recycling Loan” through which employment opportunities would be created by the youths, women and artisans.

He therefore sought people’s support in other to achieve the listed programmes and others.

He said, “We have a lot to gain if we join hands together to push for the seat of Oshodi/Isolo in the Lagos State House of Assembly.

“Aside making laws that will have direct positive influence on us and strengthen us, we have already created institutions to be able to do more for the people, collaborate with companies in the constituency to redirect and channel their corporate social responsibilities directly to the benefit of the masses, we will also follow up projects which must have been certified and approved on the budget believing that such projects must have direct positive impacts on the masses which is the second responsibility of a law maker.


“We will also ensure good representation which will amount to self-sacrifices, creating pool of fund under our program to be tagged “Social Welfare Intervention Recycling Loan.” We intend using the loan to improve the lives of the masses – the youths, women, artisans, in the areas of healthcare, employment opportunity, education and to improve most social facet of life which we have already started with our registered NGO.

“All these are what are in stalk if you give your support to Oliyide Ayodele Abdulhafees in the forthcoming APC primary and the general election.”

However, Oliyide urged the electorate to do away with the politicians who have been recycling themselves by the way of putting their children in the political posts without any significant achievement.

“We are being cajoled to vote against our wish only because forms to contest for party excos were given to us free, we did not spend money to win our positions in the exco.

“Our state leaders’ children are now aspiring, are these enough reasons to vote for them? These state leaders themselves have been there for the past 15 years, what has it translated to for the excos and general electorate? Their children have also occupied positions in the council and the deputy governor’s office, what has been their contribution within our constituency? They have moved around to express their intention to aspire for the State House of Assembly, with no clear cut manifesto!


“We would recall that the last three years witnessed a crusader government. How many crusader members benefited fromm that government? We continue hearing same old promises from the same source, is this what we will wait for in another four years?

“When are we going to be free from the recycling of one family in government? If we eventually deceive ourselves and allow them to cajole us into voting for their children again, then we should be ready also to vote for their grandchildren because the same old story will always be told to us.

“The only way out is to vote them out now and we should not wait for another time to come.”