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Kpou, celebrated dancer charges youths to pursue dreams


Photo: Kpou with fans

By Motolani AbdulGafar

 Dance to Fame  crew leader, Precious Kpou, has urged  youths to believe in their talents to  realise  their dreams.

Kpou made this call after his teammates – an Afro dancer and cartoonist, Eboise Kelechi, an Animation/Robotic dancer, Ohimai Edmund and himself won the 2020 De Dems Talent Haunt with a take home gift of Toyota SUV.

He revealed that he and his teammates, who are all residents of Ejigbo, developed their talents  without attending an established dancing school in Ejigbo.

He revealed that despite the avalanche of  dance schools in Ejigbo, there is no professional one to train the youths, forcing him to establish his own KJ Preach Dance Institute to give talented youths the opportunity to explore their talents.

“Since there was no professional medium for training, I couldn’t help but to sometimes cause noise pollution in my home while training myself but with the support of my family, I was able to get to the top of my career.”

He further disclosed that dancers are not appreciated as other entertainers in Nigeria, hindering them from being famous.

Explaining how they won the competition, Kpou said: “We brought out our styles, we brought out different concepts which made us distinct from the crowd. Our style gave the audience and the judges the perception that not all movements are good dance.

“We danced to pay our bills at Benin-Republic because we discovered that the amount earned in a show in Nigeria is not worth half our profit there. Over there, they appreciated and supported entertainment which triggered us to study at Egst University Port Novo.”

Kpou’s mother, Mrs. Magdalene kpou, who testified to the team’s efforts, admonished parents and guardians to give support to their wards on their careers, saying they could be source of motivation for them to make it in life.

She also appreciated the House of Des Talker Entertainment Production for giving them the platform to showcase their talents to the world.