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Evergreen All Stars Soccer Fiesta 2022 set to be explosive


By Saheed Afolabi

The Evergreen All Stars Soccer Fiesta 2022 is set to be a magnificent one as plans are already in place to make the one day tourney a day to remember and relish memorable moments.

The tournament which will see Evergreen All Stars divided into two groups of Team A and Team B as they will engage in a final tournament where medals, trophy and individual awards will be dished out to deserving players and team.

The match will take place at Ebenezer Comprehensive High School.

The Evergreen All Stars team believe the day is meant for the team’s celebration and to foster unity among them.

Benefits of the tournament is that all participants will go home with a medal, the winner gets a trophy, individual award for best behaved player, best player of the tournament and highest goal scorer award.

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