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Oshodi-Isolo LG intensifies efforts on environmental sanitation


Oshodi-Isolo LG intensifies efforts on environmental sanitation

By Edith Igbokwe

In a bid to ensure safe environment devoid of flood, the Oshodi-Isolo Local Government has intensified efforts on cleaning the environment to prevent the hazards that may be posed by unhealthy dirty environment.


This was in addition to the various other efforts to clear the drainages for free flow of rainy water to prevent flood which may lead to loss of lives and properties.

Speaking with Echonews, the Head of Environmental Department, Akeem Omolaja Adeoye, said that that the government has declared zero tolerance indiscriminate disposition of refuse emanating from mismanagement of resources which are not ecological friendly.

According to him, the two major Private Sector Participants (PSP) Operators in Oshodi, TUNAP and Excellence Environmental Service Providers have braced up their services to meet up with daily discharge of duty.

He also attested to the efficiency of the staff members who embarked on drainage decongestion for free flow of water as well as clean vicinity.


He said, “We are equal to the task, with able staff we wait not to be called upon before doing our job which covers healthy surroundings devoid of disease and pollution.”

He further spoke on the incorporation of residents into activities of protecting surroundings with the use of patrol inspector on house-to-house check up to ensure compliance to the law guiding sanitation in regards to proper refuse disposal method.

Equally speaking, the Assistant Director, Environmental Health, Egunjobi Adekunle emphasized on night duty service known as ‘vigil’ that entails overnight clear up of market waste, making the vicinity ready for the following day sales.

He also mentioned regularly Thursday market sanitation as part of the effort to ensure cleaner environment.