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Lawmaker charges FG on education funding


Lawmaker charges FG on education funding

 By Felix Kuyinu

Hon. Shadimu


A member of Federal House of Representatives representing Oshodi-Isolo Constituency, Hon. Mutiu Shadimu, has called on the Federal Government to commit more funds to education sector to facilitate its improvement so that youths can have quality basic education which would be in the benefits of the country.

Shadimu, who made the appeal while speaking to the attendees at the Free Summer Coaching and Award Ceremony convened by him, the 4th edition held in Oshodi, said that a quality education in the country would go a long way in checking corruption, alleviate poverty, reduce illiteracy and also serve to empower youths in bringing about impactful development in the nation.

He said, “Education is important in curbing poverty, stopping illiteracy and empowering our youths to bring about meaningful development. We appreciate the importance of education in the human and national development of a nation. Education acts as a pivot through which every ambition could be achieved.

“It is a tool for freeing the enslaved and gaining economic, financial and political freedom for the community. Education is the basis on which everybody can build their lives. Through education, everyone can be trained to be economically, financially and politically useful and a basis to which we can build the future of the country.”


Shadimu however lamented the state of education in the country, saying the standard still falls short of global requirements.

This, according to him, is a big threat to the development of the nation.

“It is important we start our education at the grassroots because basic education is key.

“The government should allocate more funds to educating school children. They should get more involved in improving the standard of education to curb emigration in search of a better education system. The sector should be elevated to global standard to help move the country forward.”