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Isolo General Hospital Upgraded


The Chairman of Isolo Local Council Development Area, Mr. Olasoju Adebayo has expressed his gratitude to the Lagos State Ministry of Health for upgrading Isolo General Hospital.

This upgrade now allows for the provision of necessary psychiatric services in addition to other essential healthcare services such as maternal and child care, eye care, dental care, and more.

This development, made under the leadership of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, demonstrates the current administration’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being of the people of Isolo and Lagos State as a whole.

The addition of psychiatric services at Isolo General Hospital is undoubtedly a positive outcome for the residents of Isolo and the general public and a reflection of the benefits of democracy.

Olasoju recognized the immense value and impact that access to specialized mental health services can have on the community. According to him, with this upgrade, the hospital will be able to effectively cater to individuals grappling with various mental health conditions, ensuring they obtain the necessary care and support.

Via a release this morning, the council boss described the upgraded health facility as Isolo’s pride.

Excerpts: “Equipping our hospital and the deployment of personnel to render psychiatric services is a pleasant stride. Isolo General Hospital is a leading public facility that we adore and we are grateful to Governor Sanwo-Olu for this upgrade. I thank him for prioritizing the health of our people” the release read in part.

In light of this new development, Olasoju also seized the opportunity to urge the youths of Isolo to refrain from drug abuse, emphasizing the severe mental health implications it can lead to. He encouraged them to prioritize their well-being and adopt healthy lifestyle choices. By preventing substance abuse and seeking early intervention when necessary, the youth can safeguard themselves from self-caused mental conditions.

“This gesture should rather not be seen as an endorsement of substance abuse but as an indication that drug abuse among Nigerian youths and its resultant mental derailment is becoming worrisome for the government and therefore quit to save themselves from the potentially life-altering consequences”.