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300 People Benefit From Ajala’s Digital Marketing Class


How HRA Fosters Digitally Savvy Community via Free Marketing Master Class in Odi-Olowo Ojuwoye LCDA

Hon Rasaq Ajala (HRA), the Chairman of Odi-Olowo Ojuwoye Local Council Development Area (LCDA) in Lagos state,Mr. Rasaq Ajala has spearheaded a transformative initiative by organizing a three-day Free Digital Marketing Master Class.

This programme, held at two ICT centers within the LCDA, aimed to empower participants with essential digital marketing skills, ultimately contributing to the growth of local businesses and the overall development of the community.

Benefits for Participants

The Digital Marketing Master Class attracted a diverse pool of over 300 participants eager to enhance their knowledge and skills in the realm of digital marketing.

The participants, representing a cross-section of businesses and entrepreneurs within Odi-Olowo Ojuwoye LCDA, embarked on a journey to acquire practical insights into leveraging digital marketing tools and channels.

Throughout the intensive three-day training, participants were immersed in hands-on sessions covering various aspects of digital marketing.

From understanding the fundamentals of online branding to mastering the art of utilizing digital marketing channels effectively, the programme aimed to equip attendees with the expertise needed to navigate the competitive online landscape.

One of the key outcomes of the training was to empower participants to harness the power of digital marketing to market and promote their brands, products, and businesses. By acquiring these skills, participants gained the ability to reach a broader target audience online, consequently boosting their online visibility and driving sales.

The training also fostered a collaborative environment, allowing participants to network with fellow entrepreneurs, share experiences, and explore potential partnerships.

This community-building aspect of the programme not only enriched the learning experience but also laid the foundation for a supportive local business ecosystem within the LCDA.

Hon Rasaq Ajala’s Vision for LCDA Development:

Hon Rasaq Ajala’s commitment to community development is evident through initiatives like the Free Digital Marketing Master Class.

By investing in the skills and capabilities of local entrepreneurs, Ajala aims to stimulate economic growth within Odi-Olowo Ojuwoye LCDA.

Digital marketing, being a vital component of modern business strategies, aligns with Ajala’s vision to position the LCDA as a hub for innovation and economic advancement.

The chairman recognizes that fostering a digitally savvy community is crucial in today’s interconnected world, and the Digital Marketing Master Class serves as a catalyst for achieving this goal.

Furthermore, Hon Rasaq Ajala’s holistic approach to community development extends beyond skill-building initiatives. He envisions a sustainable and thriving local economy, driven by empowered entrepreneurs who can harness the full potential of digital tools to enhance their businesses.

Hon Rasaq Ajala’s Free Digital Marketing Master Class is a proof to his dedication to the progress of Odi-Olowo Ojuwoye LCDA.

By providing valuable training opportunities, Ajala not only contributes to the individual growth of participants but also lays the groundwork for a vibrant and resilient local economy.

As participants implement their newfound digital marketing skills, the ripple effect is expected to fuel economic development, create job opportunities, and position Odi-Olowo Ojuwoye LCDA as a model for community-driven progress.

HRA’s vision and leadership serve as a guiding force, steering the LCDA toward a future where innovation and inclusivity drive sustainable development.