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Introduce Montessori teaching to your kids, Educationist urges parents 


By Motolani AbdulGafar

An educationalist, Mrs, Azeezah AbdulAzeez, has urged parents/guardians to introduce their kids to Montessori teachings for better understanding right from their early age.

Doing so, she said, would enhance the skills of their kids, saying Montessori method of education remains the best to train the kids.

According to her, the difference between a Montessori method of education and normal one is the introduction of a multi-age-level and illustrative approach to learning.

She cited colour as one of the teaching aids that contribute greatly to the perception of reality which is offered in Montessori schools

Although it is aided by visual perception, she enlightened that different colours naturally evoke different emotions.

“You will agree with me that most schools are now trying to emulate Montessori method of education. It is because we have seen the productivity that the model can give us. For instance talking of visual perception, each colour infers different meaning. We perceive red as excitement, love, and energy; orange as confidence, bravery, and success; yellow as creativity, happiness, and warmth; green as healing, freshness, and tranquility; blue as trust, peace, and loyalty; pink as compassion, sincerity, and sweetness; purple as royalty, ambitious, and luxurious; brown as trustworthy, dependable, and simple; black as formal, dramatic, and sophisticated while white is seen as clean, innocent, and honest.”

She implored the parents and guardians to replicate what their kids learn in school at home while urging schools especially the public schools to also deploy the system of teaching.

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