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If God wills, I will run for second term – Obe


By Abolaji Adebayo

The incumbent Chairman of Ejigbo LCDA, Hon. Monsurudeen Bello popularly known as Obe, has disclosed that he would run for second term in office only if God ordain him to.

Bello, who spoke to Echonews exclusively on his political career, said that he could not do anything without involvement of Allah, saying his first term bid was based on Allah’s wish and as such, his second term would also base on what Allah commands.

According to him, he did struggle beyond fate to win ticket for his first term; the constituents unanimously wanted and voted him in as the Chairman of the local council.

He maintained that his good work as the vice chairman during Hon. Kehinde Bamgbetan’s administration had stood him out of other contenders.

He however said that, as a progressive mind, he would aspire for higher political post at the state or federal level after he might have served his people at the local level.

“Well, I’m a fair Muslim; I work by what Allah decides for me, I live by what Allah decrees in my life. My mandate with the people of Ejigbo right now is just a four-year mandate out of which I just spent about eight months. My stronger commitment is that in the next three years and four months I put in my best. Whether the party and the government and the Almighty God would guarantee me for the second term that is a prayer, I will continue to put that in prayer.

“There is nobody who wants to limit his political chances at the local government level, and that there is nobody who doesn’t want to move up in his career. If God has decreed that I will move up beyond this level, I do not see any human that could stop that but my prayer is that whatever I’m doing now should be a reference point to whatever I will do in future.

“That is why as the first indigenous chairman, I do not relent in any second and I do not take chances of exploiting any opportunity that can bring in any development to Ejigbo. I do not want to take chances of missing out any step that will allow us to get a better development under my administration because as a first indigenous chairman, I am in the office today to pave way for other indigenous members. So, what determines my future is the promise that God has made in my life; the assessment of people of Ejigbo. Even the one I’m currently running, I do not personally aspired for it, it was a collective decision of people of Ejigbo – the political leaders, the religious leaders, community leaders, traditional institutions.

“It was a collective decision that let us run Obe because he has experience. They supported me because I had served as vice chairman as well as supervisor for work. In all, as a Muslim, I put everything in the hand of Allah, may He guide me right.”