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Homeless couple caught romping in vacant home


A couple has been arrested for turning a vacant room of a rental home, into their cool spot. The man and his wife were arrested for having sex in an empty room in a house not belonging to them.
The house, located at 18 Joe Ayinka Street, Ejigbo, has one of the rooms, recently vacated by a former tenant. The 35-years old homeless man, Ifeanyi Nwaogo took his wife, Esther to the room and was caught in the act by the Landlord of the said house. The Landlord raised an alarm and reported the act, at the Police Station, accusingthem of burglary, a case of forced entry into his property.
Ifeanyi, who hails from Okwelle in Imo State, said he has had accommodation problems for some time now. He said due to the financial constraints he is facing in his Musical Career over a year, he has had accommodation challenges.
Adding that the situation had created a lack of sexual contact and a burden between him and his wife, up until last week, when they decided to find a solution to their problem.
Ifeanyi said when they could not bear the sexual pressure any longer, he forced the door of the empty room open and took his wife there to have sex, but the landlord caught them and raised alarm.
In his defence, Ifeanyi said they did not remove anything from the room, neither did they damage the property.
The Police alleged that the couple have committed a Criminal Offence by forcefully entering the place and therefore liable to the offence.