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FEFAP/WAfA amends constitution to support clubs, players



By Saheed Afolabi


The Female Football Academy Proprietors (FEFAP) executives have amended the constitution for WAFA teams and players that played the NWFL Championship.

The amendment of the constitution was done on the 2nd of July 2022 in an online meeting with FEFAP board members present which they unanimously supported the amending of their constitution to support Wafa clubs and players playing in the NWFL Championship.

Today Saturday 2nd Of July 2022, the he Fefap board did an online meeting to amend the constitution that any Wafa teams or any team that participate in NWFL Championship can still play Wafa leagues and any on loan WAFA players that played can only return back to Wafa leagues after 6 months but any run away wafa players that didn’t go through her clubs would wait for 1 year before returning to play Wafa competitions.

The rules for NWFL Premiership players in Wafa, still stand for any players that got married or have injury and she wants to return back to active Football to gain her fitness level, she can return to Wafa competitions after two years lay off from NWFL Premiership.

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