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Court affirms Pretty Okafor as PMAN President


By Felix Kuyinu

The National Industrial Court in Lagos has affirmed the reemergence of Pretty Okafor as President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN)

The court upheld the election results held on October 24, 2023.

At the court, Justice Maureen Esowe in her ruling, stated that the legitimacy of Okafor’s leadership is authenticated, further proclaiming that any defiance of the ruling constitutes contempt of the court.

Reacting to the verdict, the PMAN expressed gratitude to the court for upholding justice and preserving the democratic process within the association.

The association stated that the court’s intervention serves as a resolute stand against illegitimate actions that could compromise the integrity of the performing musicians’ community.

PMAN further stressed that Okafor remains committed to advancing the interests of performing musicians in Nigeria, stating that the ruling further reinforces the association’s dedication in upholding the rule of law.