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Joint CDA Odogunyan Unites in Gratitude and Prayer for Nigeria’s Prosperity and Peace


By Mohammed Adekola

The Joint CDA Odogunyan organized the maiden edition of their Annual thanksgiving and get-together on Saturday, 10th of February at M12 Hotels & Suites Ojuemuren Road Eginrin Odogunyan, It was a special day filled with gratitude, appreciation, and prayers for Nigeria’s prosperity and tranquility. Both the Muslims Clerics and Christian Clergy took turns to offer prayers for Nigeria.

The joint CDA Chairman Mr Lucky Oluku in his welcome address appreciated all the CDAs in Odogunyan for their contributions and unwavering support in making the maiden edition of the Annual Thanksgivings and Get together a dream come through.

The Medical Director of JAY KAY HOSPITAL ODOGUNYAN Dr. Joseph Adeniji was on ground to educate the house on STRESS MANAGEMENT, it was an exciting and thought provoking lecture.

Mr. Matthew Adesanya brought to the notice of the gathering the issue of indiscriminate dumping of refuse around the Fence of the 174 Battalion Odogunyan. The issue was discussed extensively, health officers and LAWMA Rep, addressed the gathering about the menace. People were warned to desist from dumping refuse there, rather they should patronize LAWMA PSP OPERATORS.

Mrs. Kehinde Oshinuga, the Chief Environmental Officer of Ikorodu North LCDA, in her statement regarding proper waste disposal. She emphasized the importance of keeping the environment clean and urged people to stop dumping their refuse on the roadside.

Mrs. Oshinuga stressed that it’s crucial to give the refuse to the assigned PSP operator and warned that those who don’t comply will be taken to court. She also mentioned that regular payment for waste disposal services is required.

Prince Adeniran Ogunbanwo, the CDC chairman of Ikorodu North, in his speech addressing the current challenges in the country. He emphasized the importance of peaceful and law-abiding behavior, urging both leaders and the community to refrain from violence and destruction. Prince Ogunbanwo highlighted the need to remain calm and assured that the issues will be resolved in due time.

He also encouraged Nigerians to look inward and take individual responsibility for the progress of the country. Prince Ogunbanwo emphasized that complaining without taking action only contributes to the problem. He acknowledged the good intentions of the government and stressed that it will take time before we start seeing the positive impact of their efforts.

As community leaders, Prince Ogunbanwo urged everyone to be cautious and attentive to the concerns of the agitated youths in the community. He emphasized the importance of calming them down and working together to build a better Nigeria.

Prince Ogunbanwo also addressed the issue of indecent refuse disposal at Odogunyan. He expressed the council’s seriousness in tackling this problem and called on the community to take ownership of the area once it’s clear. Prince Ogunbanwo warned that anyone found dropping refuse there will face prosecution. He emphasized that the responsibility lies with the people, as the consequences of neglecting proper waste disposal can affect everyone in the community.

Mr. Lucky Oluku, the joint CDA chairman of Odogunyan, expressed his confidence that after this meeting, people in the community would no longer dump refuse indiscriminately. Instead, they would support the use of PSP (Public Service Providers) for waste management.

However, he also raised concerns about some PSPs not providing satisfactory services despite payment.

The CDA is determined to ensure that the community’s environment is free of dirt and refuse. They are ready to partner with the Governor to address this issue effectively.

Mr. Oluku addressed the issue of the Agbede and Odogunyan link bridge. He mentioned that the Local Government has taken some action, but there are still concerns regarding the tolling system.

To resolve these concerns, representatives from Odogunyan will be meeting with the chairman of Council on Monday February 13 , 2024. They hope to find solutions and ensure that everyone in the community can benefit from the link bridge. The bridge has already made a positive impact by reducing travel time and boosting socio-economic activities in the area.