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Agboyi Ketu LCDA to Relocate Residents, Embark on 1,000 Housing Estate Projects


Kehinde Adeleye

The Chairman of Agboyi-Ketu Local Council Development Area (LCDA) in Lagos State, Mayor Dele Oshinowo has said that his administration embarked on massive housing projects to make life better for the people.

The Council Boss has shown great determination and focus in addressing the growing housing demand in his council community.

During a recent media tour of various housing projects, including Raymond Estate, Sterling Heights Estate, and Greenwich Gardens, Oshinowo reiterated his commitment to providing housing for the population in his area.

Echonews reports that the Chairman sees these projects as an opportunity to transform the LCDA from a slum into a thriving mega city, aligning with the vision for Lagos as a Mega City.

According to him, this includes relocating residents and creating over 1,000 housing units (170 plots and 266 units) through the Site and Service scheme.

“This crucial step has significantly addressed housing shortages, contributed to urban regeneration, and improved the overall quality of life.

The Property Investment Board of the LCDA has completed the construction of 120 lock-up shops at Greenwich Gardens, which adds up to a total of 227 housing units, according to Oshinowo.

He also mentioned that through the assistance of the Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the New Town Development Authority (NTDA), and a Joint Venture Partner, the board has successfully introduced and delivered 98 sites and service plots of land at the Akanimodo/Ajelogo Housing Scheme.

“There was the redevelopment of Mandela Market at Mile 12. The project comprises 300 Lock-Up shops and 88 K-clamps.

“We had the redevelopment of Ifelodun Plank Market, Ketu. This market was burnt some years ago. The composition of the redevelopment included 60 units of Lock-Up shops, 30 units of en-suite shops, 120 units of K-clamp, and 10 units of machine shops,” he said.

He mentioned that several projects were carried out using the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.

Some of these projects have already been officially opened, while others are scheduled to be inaugurated soon by the Governor.

The Chairman added that a significant portion, around 80%, of the finished housing units have already been purchased by individuals from the public who showed interest.

He also announced plans to construct additional housing units to cater to the needs of the local population.

“What we did was to provide the support, the developer raised the funds. We gave them land and ensured that all the necessary documents with the state government were processed without much ado.

“Our stake is the support and we will also get some financial returns for the local government. The housing units range between N15.5 million and N18 million and they are affordable based on the current cost of living in the country,” he said.

The Chairman also discussed a range of initiatives undertaken by the council in sectors such as healthcare, education, ICT center, and Infrastructure development.

However, he emphasized the need for increased support from the Federal Government to the local governments, as they are more closely connected to the local communities.

“Additionally, Greenwich estate offers 65 residential plots under meticulously planned sites and service schemes. The transformational journey of Greenwich Gardens is especially noteworthy, as it emerged from the revitalization of the once notorious Ajelogo market, previously plagued by security challenges.

By carefully planning and working hard, this notorious gathering place has been transformed into a symbol of hope and opportunity for the people of Lagos. The main goal of this innovative project is to address the significant housing shortage in our busy city. By using the budget wisely and forming key partnerships, we have turned our vision into reality, providing a safe and comfortable environment for the residents of Lagos State.

Greenwich Gardens represents more than just buildings; it represents the determination, creativity, and collaborative nature of our country.

As we celebrate this achievement, let us embrace the hope for a brighter future and continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

Together, we can build, flourish, and shape the cities of tomorrow. Join us in welcoming a new era of urban living, where all dreams can find a home.” he said.