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Corporal Punishment: Parent reports Ewutuntun school


An SS1 student of Ewutuntun senior secondary school named Anumba
Modesta of 16yrs old was badly beaten by a teacher Mrs. Ajibola for
not participating in the classroom clean up exercise she was
According to Anumba Modesta,she was enlisted among the students that
would clean up their classroom the next day but unfortunately she
arrived a bit late for the routine clean up.
A teacher, Mrs Ajibola, told Modesta
to touch her toes,of which she complied.
Mrs.Ajibol beat her several
times on the back before releasing her.
According to Modesta’s guardian, Mrs. Uwandu,a trained nurse who
currently works in LUTH Idiaraba, that she observed that Modesta
was restless.
She said she suspected pregnancy and subjected her to
pregnancy test which turned out negative. But when she probed
further,Modesta eventually owned up and narrated what actually
transpired at her school.
Prior to the confession, Mrs. Uwandu had treated her of
malaria,administered antibiotics when she observed that Modesta
couldn’t walk very well due to pain
She took no chances to
rush her to LUTH.
At the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital,they where charged
25,500 before admitting her.
Mrs Uwandu could not provide the money and had to report the incident
to the school principal who promised to take up the bill.
Surprisingly,after the first 7,000 the principal gave, he did not turn
up again.
The doctor who saw Modesta’s condition recommended a full spinal cord
Mrs. Uwandu later reported the incident at Akinpelu police station,t where police officers followed her to the school to invite the teacher.
One of the police officers, inspector Gladys said she was surprised at the nonchalant
attitude of the principal and other teachers towards Mrs.Uwandu.
She told Echonews that one
of the teachers told her to go to hell,that Ewutuntun school belongs
to government and nothing can be done to the perpetrator.
Echonews gathered, that Modesta has been transferred home since
the hospital bill could not be paid.