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Rice price slides, garri on the rise


The price of rice, the popular staple food of residents in Oshodi-Isolo is going down while the cosr of garri and palm oil is staying out of reach, a random market survey by Echonews has revealed.
It is believed that the introduction of Lake Rice by the Lagos and Kebbi governments and the price control measures put in place has forced sellers to step down their prices.
Besides, the purchasing power of buyers has cut lump sum purchase of food items.
An exclusive research in Oshodi market reveals a new price list of
food items,compared to what held a year ago.
A 50kg bag of rice which was sold N20,000 and above a year ago is now N16,000 whether cape rice,tomato rice or
special rice.
A 50kg bag of beans goes for N35,000.It contains 30-32 custard bucket
within it, while rice is having only 12 custard buckets.
The prices of white garri and yellow garri differ with the margin of N6,000. White garri goes for 19 thousand naira a
bag out of which you can get 20 custard buckets and each bucket costs N900.
Yellow garri costs N13,000 with 14 custard
buckets within and each sells for N1,000.
In the same vein, Semo meal varies in cost according to their sizes:.Semolina 10kg costs N3,100,5kg-1,700,2kg-N750,and 1kg-N380.
Semovita and MamaGold are of the same price of 10kg at N3,000,5kg-1,600,2kg-700.
Only their 1kg where Semovita
goes for N360 and Mama Gold goes for N350 records marginal difference.
Wheat meal is not left out,it’s a
little cheaper than others. It sells for 10kg-
In the children’s noddles category, ,small indomie carton sells at 1,900,half 950 while each pack is sold 50 naira.Golden
penny carton goes for N1,400,half N700 while 5 packs cost N200.
Looking at vegetable oil and palm oil,palm oil is used to be N800 costlier than vegetable
oil. Both are now sold at 2,200 naira when you have a keg container. Persons without container cost 2,400 naira while their bottles are sold for
400 naira each.
Mrs.Azeez of Olalonpe store at 32 Araromi street Oshodi,expressed her
feelings concerning prices of food items. Her words,,”I sell with little or
no gain just to keep customers patronage. Though some food items have
reduced in price especially rice,but a lot needs be done to get prices
of food items back to its state, most especially palm oil and garri
that are our local products