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Why athletes should take supplements – Dr Kolade Kolapo


By Saheed Afolabi

Supplemental drugs are been used to fortify the body system, while some are used to gain strength and give them the extra push to reach a certain goal or to complete a task at a record time.

Medical practitioner, Doctor Kolade Kolapo who works at Codic specialist medical center said some supplements include increased resistance to fatigue, increase technical and sprint performance.

“Advantages of taking supplements? Some of these benefits include: increased resistance to fatigue, increased technical and sprint performance, improved muscular power and strength, greater sprint repeatability, and improved reaction time.

“However, although these products have been shown to improve performance, the question is: are they safe for athletes to consume? The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was established in 1999 and aims to assess professional athletes from all professional sporting codes and determine whether any banned substances have been used to enhance their performances. WADA releases a list of banned substances (which is updated regularly), and supplement manufacturers are responsible for reviewing this list regularly to ensure their products do not contain any of the listed prohibited substances.