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Traffic situation in Oshodi, Isolo and Ejigbo this morning


By Echonews

Commuters should avoid the canoe route at Ejigbo. Tose who are planning to go through the Kudirat adenekan way to reach Ajao estate have a problem on their way: since 7am cars have been in bumper to bumper slow motion.

Commuters from Ejigbo may seek alternative routes such as Idimu road, orisumbare and Jakande estate-Okota.

Iyana Isolo to Ilasa is Blocked caused by Accident. Avoid Oshodi inward mile 2 for now. A container fell and blocked the road totally. No movements at the moment, efforts to move truck is ongoing, From Iyana Isolo, Iyana Isolo Bus Stop; Apapa-Oshodi along Oworosoki-Apapa Expressway to 5 Star is Free, good flow.

From Iyana Isolo to Mushin is Blocked caused by Road Repairs – Constructions. Very serious traffic is reported along that route

From Iyana Isolo to Charity is Free (both sides) nice and easy from Iyana Isolo to Oshodi Isale

Oshodi Isale Bus Stop, Apapa-Oshodi Agege Motor Road is Moving. Good movement through charity inward oshodioke.