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Surety Septuagenarian Remanded in Custody, Charged with Perverting Justice…!


Septuagenarian woman, identified as Madam Florence Oguntade is been held in Police custody for standing as surety for a suspected criminal on the run. Putting herself on the line for the suspect, Madam Oguntade, went to Shasha Police Division, to stand surety for one Tayo Oluseni, a suspected criminal who was granted bail on the integrity of the Senior Woman.
Oguntade on Tuesday 18th April 2017, was formally charged before a Magistrate Court in Lagos for attempting to pervert justice and was remanded in prison. According to reports, during the Court proceedings of Oluseni’s trial, the 70-year-old Oguntade voluntarily stood as surety for him pending the time of the suspect’s court sitting.
Madam Oguntade, got the shock of her life, when the former was nowhere to be found. Disconnecting his Cell phones and vanishing into thin air, Oguntade was unable to present Oluseni for the next court sitting.
This development, prompted the security personnel’s, to make a case of perverting justice against Oguntade, who could not provide the suspect, resulting in the Septuagenarian been remanded in prison, until Tayo Oluseni is found and re-arrested.
Madam Oguntade pleaded not guilty of her charge, her case is presently before a Magistrates’ Court sitting in Ejigbo, Lagos.