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Police queries woman for inducing neighbour’s daughter to sex


Police queries woman for inducing neighbour’s daughter to sex

By Edith Igbokwe 

A woman, identified as Mrs. Yetunde, has been subjected to query by the Divisional Police Officer of Ifako Police Station, CSP for inducing a neighbour’s daughter into having sex with a 19-year old boy in Oshodi.

The father of the minor, Roheemat, a 14-year old girl who recently concluded her School Certificate Examination, has alleged Yetunde of harbouring his daughter in her house to be defiled by a boy called Timothy.


While narrating her ordeal to her father, Roheemat claimed that the woman took her to a party where she was given beer to drink and was conveyed to Timothy’s house to sleep, but maintained that she was not sexed no that particular day.

When Roheemat was interrogated by the DPO, she confessed that Yetunde asked her to accept Timothy’s love proposal, which she conceded and led to sexual intercourse between her and her lover boy in April since she saw Yetunde as her counselor.

She explained that she had took Yetunde as her mentor since her own mother was not available to give her sex education she needed.

Roheemat further confessed that she didn’t have sex with Timothy in Yetunde’s room but in Timothy’s house, adding that she was never left alone with Timothy and other friends in Yetunde’s room contrary to her father’s claim.

The DPO promised to invite Timothy and Roheemat’s friend, Rasheedat for questioning over the matter.


He questioned Roheemat’s parents to know why their daughter chose to seek advice from a neighbour instead of her mother, blaming them for neglecting their daughter, while also scolding Yetunde for wrong counseling and being a bad example.

Meanwhile, the Child Protection Network (CPN), Oshodi-Isolo chapter has been called to look into the alleged case of child abuse by Yetunde.