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Our 80% Discount ends January 30th – Waste Management


Our 80% Discount ends January 30th – Waste Management

By Damilola Kushimo

Waste Management operator under the label of Private Sector Participation (PSP), SAROBOL Nig. Limited, has emphasised its commitment to ease its defaulting customers in the community of their debt with a giveaway of up to 80% discount which ends on January 31st this year.

SAROBOL, operating in Okota, a suburb of Isolo Local Council Development Area, has announced discount in order to relief the defaulting customers of their debt as well as rebranding waste management service.

The company’s Director, Mr. Fasuhanmi Olusegun disclosed that it was not ideal for the financial goal of the company though, “we are putting other expenses of our clients into consideration, it will be to their much benefit and also for the purpose of achieving a cleaner Lagos in the coming years.”

He noted that “the challenge with many people in this part is that, they believe everything should be done by government, they want every payment be made by government, which is obviously not possible. SAROBOL Nig. Limited has analysed every issue and wants to move the state forward in the aspect of waste management.

“To the next level but we are faced with many challenges, we have over millions of money out there but, we realized that it’s better to let go of some in order to get some. Some clients are owing more than N100,000. We believe this discount will help all to key into the cleaner Lagos mindset and help us in our service delivery.  Aside from the intention to relieve our clients of their debt, we want them to feel that we are for them and we want them to see this as gift from us.”

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