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Oshodi Arts Gallery Celebrates 50th year Anniversary


By Nurudeen Adebayo

Ikorodu based art gallery ‘Oshodi Arts gallery has celebrated its 50th year of existence.

In marking this joyful event, various art collections were displayed at the entrance point of the Somi Jaiyesimi Oriwu Hall.

It added an extra layer of beauty and creativity to the overall atmosphere. Each piece of artwork showcased unique perspectives and styles, creating a visually captivating experience for all the attendees.

Speaking at the event Dr. Oshodi Seyi Paul, CEO of Oshodi Arts Gallery explained that It was a wonderful opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the power of art in enhancing special occasions like the 50th anniversary of Oriwu Club Ikorodu.

Dr. Oshodi did an amazing job collaborating between his gallery in Ikorodu and the prestigious Oriwu Club.

“A wonderful partnership that brought together local talent and esteemed organizations, resulted in a truly unique and impactful exhibition at the event.

“Our art exhibition fostered the connection between art and community celebration, It showcased the synergy between local talent and community organizations.

“I am sure we presented a visual treat for all the attendees, with a diverse range of artworks on display and it is great to see such partnerships that promote and celebrate the arts in the community” Dr Oshodi added.