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Obe plans N2.2 billion budget for Ejigbo


Obe plans N2.2 billion budget for Ejigbo

By Abolaji Adebayo

In preparation for the 2019 fiscal year, the Executive Chairman of Ejigbo Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Hon. Monsurudeen Oloyede Bello Obe, is set to present a proposed budget of N2,213,920,488.92 to the legislative arm of the council for approval.

The budget is expected to be funded with the Federal Allocation (FA) and the internally generated revenue (IGR).

In the analysis of the proposed budget, the council plans to spend the sum of N642,036,941.79 representing 29 per can’t of the total budget on capital projects while 40 and 31 per cent are expected to be expended on personnel cost and overhead cost respectively.


In a statement made available to Echonews, the council boss said emphasis would be placed on infrastructure renewal, construction of new roads, rehabilitation of existing roads, and that primary health care and educational sectors would be given priority attention while maintenance of facilities would also be ensured.

According to him, environmental waste management, poverty alleviation would receive major boosts if the budget is approved while improved Internally Revenue Generation strategy and effective collection machinery would be vigorously pursued.

He added that training and welfare of the staff would be given priority and that vocational and skill acquisition would not be left out.

He stated: “At the moments like this, it is crucial to restate the core principles and aspirations of our party and the objectives the APC is committed to realizing in Government.

“The proposed 2019 Budget is well articulated as it seeks to build on the modest successes achieved by the present administration last year, the implementation of its first budget tagged “Budget of hope”.


The tag giving to the 2019 proposed Budget, is quite apt and appropriate. The fundamental assumptions behind the budget are also quite reasonable and realistic.

“The composition of the estimate as regards capital and recurrent expenditures leaves much to be desired. We are shifting expenditure towards growth while promoting and developing more infrastructures.

“To drastically cut down on waste so as to significantly achieve improvements in Capital spending, our Government will ensure total implementation of the Budget when approved by the Councillors in the interest of the people who have entrusted us with their votes.

“The proposed 2019 Budget is not only a Budget document but a pro-people thrust propelled by the desire to advance social justice, promote equality of opportunity for all our people and ensure more infrastructural development. It is a detailed plan to set Ejigbo on a clear path to development as outlined during our campaign.

“A key item to note with appreciation is the target to fund the Budget with Federal Allocation and Internally generated revenue (IGR). If sustained, Ejigbo will become a heaven of Investor.


“What we are doing in Ejigbo is second to none, we have designed and already instituted a good governance system that is founded on a competent and responsive Public Service ready to maintain, rebuild and expand Infrastructure in order to accelerate economic growth that will create jobs, cleaner Ejigbo and attract Public Private Partnership(PPP) including Investors.

“As a Government with no control over monetary policy, the 2019 proposed Budget is our most valuable tool to stimulate our economy and improve the lives of our people. We want to be able to give every unborn child the prospect of surviving pregnancy and infancy with sound health care in our Primary Health care Centers. We want our Children to have access to decent and quality education through our Public Pry Schools.

“We want to secure for our young people employment opportunities in a vibrant economy, regulated by a competent Public Service. Honestly, it is about giving hope and assurance of a better tomorrow through our Vocational and Skill acquisition centers.”