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Obe Begins Work As Ejigbo LCDA Chairman


Elected Chairman of the Ejigbo Local Government elections, Honourable Monsuru Oloyede Obe has said that his focus and work as the Executive Chairman of Ejigbo LCDA is to deliver dividends of democracy to the residents in the community.
Obe was speaking during the inauguration of his term in office alongside the elected councillors held at the Nnokwa Hall, NNPC Junction, Ejigbo disclosing that he has no time to waste because there is a lot to do.
In his keynote address, Obe began by thanking all those who were present at the event for their support during his electioneering campaign.
” We have to give God the glory because this is not a journey that is starting now. It’s a journey of three years and 10 months. It’s a journey that has given us so much pressure and also hope. We thank everyone for your support during those times. We appreciate you all “.
After that, he was quick to the necessary and paramount things waiting to be done and what the people of Ejigbo should expect to enjoy.
” We are not going to disappoint you. The party has done a good thing by
providing capable hands. I want to appreciate the councillors for showing leadership qualities qualities today. They have elected their Leader of the House and Deputy Leader without rancour.
Because we started with one mind, we started with good intentions which is to develop our community. We are pleased to confirm to you the Leader of the Legislative Assembly in Ejigbo LCDA, Speaker of the House, Honourable Tajudeen Olanrewaju Akinbowale.
” During our meeting with our Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, he announced that by September this year, road construction will begin and that is the Ifoshi and Iyana-Ejigbo link. We know that road has really affected our businesses and if you are the one who ply that road, we should be happy with this information from our state governor.
” The second road is the Ona Iwa Mimo. I want to also say that by September, just one and the half month from this day, contractors will show up there giving us a total construction of Ona Iwa Mimo.
” Our hope doesn’t end there. Our government will also put up a request letter to the State government to provide us another three to four roads in areas which include : Powerline area, Falana road, Prince Idowu and Tajudeen Ogunseye road. Those roads have been carefully selected by the two representatives in our local government to the State government.
” I and my Vice Chairman and councilors have started working already. During the construction of the Iyana-Ejigbo road, we expect traffic congestion. We have looked at Kayode Tijani as a place which can be used during the construction of Iyana-Ejigbo. We have gone there and have started preparations to put Kayode Tijani road better than it is now because that would be used during the Iyana-Ejigbo road construction.
” I want to thank our party leaders and everybody for what we have done till today “.
Honourable Obe disclosed that what is needed to even achieve more during his tenure as Chairman is prayers calling on the residents not to stop praying for his administration to gain huge benefits.
” What we need from you all is your prayers to make our plans achievable.. No matter all our plans on what we are going to do, prayer is important. We expect that it’s still going to be kind of rough in the next nine or 10 months, we crave for your understanding during such times. We have held meetings with the officers at the Local Government Council to please bear with us because we can’t guarantee any kobo in repairing any office for now. I have also had a forum with the elected councillors telling them that our target for now is give at least 10 percent of the requests by our people in Ejigbo to them because our coming to office is to come and consolidate what we have done in the past years”.