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Nigerian Airforce investigates alledged brothel invasion by officers in Ejigbo


Nigerian Airforce investigates alledged brothel invasion by officers in Ejigbo

By Felix Kuyinu

The Nigerian Airforce has intensified effort in investigating the circumstances surrounding an attack on a brothel, New Titan Suite and Bar after some of its officers allegedly invaded the premises, laid assault on a patron and made way with some amount of money.

The alledged attack, which was reported at Ejigbo Police Division, was launched by an airforce officer simply identified as Benjamin who is a patron of prostitutes at the brothel situated at Asogbon Street, Ejigbo.

Benjamin was said to have delayed other clients due to his preference for one of the prostitutes identified as Blessing whom other customers also craved for.

The Manager of the brothel, Oyeniran Abiodun, disclosed that on the day of the attack, other clients who also fancied the brothel worker waited for long hours as usual, knocking the door for Benjamin to open. His refusal to open the door forced the other patronizers to forcefully make entry into the room via the door broken.

He explained, “The airforce officer was fond of locking Blessing inside her room anytime he came and found her with another patron. Other patrons will beg him before he will open the door. But on this fateful day, the brothel staff and others forced the door open after the airforce officer refused to open it.

“Benjamin left and returned later around 10.30pm with a bus load of airforce men. Some were brandishing machetes while others came with woods. On seeing them I ran.”

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