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Miracle! Woman delivers baby girl after 10 years of pregnancy

PHOTO: Mr and Mrs. Lola Oregbela

– Miracle! Woman delivers baby girl after 10 years of pregnancy

By Abolaji Adebayo

After 10 years of pregnancy, a 38 old woman, Mrs. Lola Oregbela has finally delivered a baby girl in a church in Ago-Okota area of Isolo Local Council Development Area.


The woman gave birth to a baby girl at Jesus Resurrection Prayer Ministry, located at Hope Estate, Ago Palace way, Isolo after she had lost hope for about ten years of fruitless effort.


When Mrs. Oregbela got married in 2007, she was enthusiastic and looked forward to having a blissful marriage with children.


God granted the newly wedded couple their hearts’ desire and they had a baby girl immediately after their wedding and subsequently got another pregnancy in 2008.


According to Mrs. Oregbela who spoke to ECHONEWS, the problem started when she was expecting to deliver the pregnancy of the second child.


She said she suddenly discovered that the nine months pregnancy eluded her for no just reason. She became apprehensive and decided to go for series of scans.


As she said, she became more perturbed when the doctors at the General Hospital in Ajeromi Ifelodun refused to release her scan results.


It was when the pregnancy was approaching two years that she realised that she had been dragged into the spiritual battle of life. 


“It was at this point that we began to seek spiritual solution to the issue that was confronting us.


“As a result, resources of my husband who was the former Vice Chairman of Ward C, Amuwo Odofin Local Government started dwindling. In short, he lost all he had in the process of looking for solution. Medical tests at times proved that there was a baby in the womb, at times, it would prove otherwise. The pregnancy at times got really big, at times it got smaller, in fact, and there was every trace of abnormality with the pregnancy. The quest for solution debased my husband from being a honourable to a mere bus driver because he lost his political mandate and squandered his resources on sacrifices and demands of churches, spiritual homes and sanctums.”


Mrs. Oregbela told ECHONEWS that after ten years of making serious efforts to get solution to the issue, one of her husband’s friends introduced them to the church where she eventually delivered the baby.


“In fact, when one of my husband’s friends introduced us to the pastor, I felt reluctant to go because I had succumbed to the faith. We had initially visited several churches even the very popular ones but none of them could provide solution to the pregnancy, several herbalists were also visited, but all to no avail.


“During those periods, I was not feeling like human being anymore; I had lost taste for foods; I didn’t know the time and months of the year any long as I wouldn’t know whether we were in January of December. I just knew I was still alive and was expecting what God wanted to do with my life.”


Mrs. Oregbela said she and her husband summon the courage to make another trial as they finally visited the church called Jesus Resurrection Prayer Ministry, located at Hope Estate, Ago Palace way.


“This is the church where the prophet of the ministry, Prophet Favour Ugochukwu fondly called ‘Ika ka Ike’ was able to subdue the power of the enemies. I delivered the baby in my room in the afternoon after praying in the church for about one year. The pastor did not collect a dime from us,” she said.


 Asked whether she would still like to get another pregnancy, Oregbela said she was not afraid of the challenge as she believed that the predicament could not come again. She said she would still get more pregnancies.


When contacted on the issue, the pastor said he was very happy that God chose to give the solution through him.

“I am not being egoistic about this but I am happy that God decided to make use of the anointing he has bestowed on me to liberate this woman from the hands of the evil ones. It is not magic; they were members of my church for a year and two months before she was finally delivered of the baby.”