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LG warns communities against diverting septic tanks to public drains


By Edith Igbokwe

Oshodi-Isolo Local Government has warned community members to desist from indiscriminate disposal of septic tank (toilets) into public drains to prevent degradation and polluting the environment while also admonishing them to maintain their buildings to avoid sudden collapse.

One of the environmental personnel at the LG who spoke to ECHONEWS on anonymity disclosed that the government has served a note of warning to the defaulting community members who indulged in disposal of faeces and other discharge of their sewage into the public drains as a means of evacuating their septic tank.

The source made reference to some communities visited in Oshodi who indulged in channelling their soak away to public drains through the pipes which they could open into the drains whenever it rains to evacuate their filled soak away.

According to the respondent, such people have been served with note of warning which they have to comply with.

However, the respondent pointed out that some buildings in Oshodi were becoming dilapidated with cracked walls, saying it was dangerous to those living in such houses, stating that the government has declared to take over any sudden collapsed building.

Meanwhile, the respondent submitted that taking care of the health and environment was the government’s priority, emphasising that the community should desist from wrong disposal of faecal matters to abate diseases such as cholera which is dangerous to health, as well as to take good care of their buildings to avoid loss of lives through sudden collapse, saying: “What you give to the environment is what you will get back.”