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Lasuwon Residents Lament Over Bad Roads


By Nurudeen Adebayo

Residents of Lambo Lasunwon community in Ikorodu’s first gate, express their frustration and disappointment over the deplorable state of the road connecting Osaro, Obasuki, Ola Dele Taiwo Street, and Remilekun.

Bikers and commuters, who navigate this neglected path daily, share their grievances, calling for immediate government action.

Prince Nurudeen Nofisu Ozain, the Baale of Lambo Lasuwon, conveyed deep concern over the persistent neglect, despite numerous appeals and promises from the local and state government.

He highlighted the urgent need for action, particularly addressing the challenges faced by the student population.


In his words, “Despite our appeals and promises from the state, there’s been no tangible progress. Lambo Lasuwon remains a top priority, but the road remains in a deplorable state.”

The Baale emphasized the daily struggles faced by students, including delays caused by defiant bikers and the financial exploitation of students by those entrusted to collect fees. He reached out to authorities, stating, “I contacted Jimmy Benson, and despite Lambo Lasuwon being at the top of their priority list, the road remains in a deplorable state.”

Akadiri Nimota Adeola, a student of Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH) residing in Lambo Lasu, shared her experiences, especially during the rainy season. “If it’s about the rainy season, it is even worse.

The bumpy road makes commuting uncomfortable, and during the rainy season, bikes become impractical, forcing students to trek to school.”

Nimota echoed the need for government intervention, expressing, “I want them to improve the street. Their redevelopment will not only benefit students but the entire community. With the right equipment, the goal can be achieved.”


Concerned resident Nusiratu Onifade highlighted the safety hazards posed by the road, stating, “Bikes wound students, and trailers destroy houses. We want the government to help us fix the road for development in the area.”

Mrs. Benedict, another resident, detailed the road’s impassability during the rainy season, urging the government to complete the initial efforts. “Even Maruwa cannot pass, and if it rains for more than two days, the situation worsens. The government should tie the road properly; they started but abandoned it.”

Expressing disappointment, a woman mentioned that the counselor responsible for the road maintenance did not do a proper job. She urged students to unite and appeal to the state government, especially Governor Babajide Olushola Sanwo-Olu.

Saint Luke, an hairstylist, added a unique perspective, citing how the road affects his business. “I can’t display my hair outside due to dust, and the rainy season hampers movement. Fixing the road will stop water gathering.”

Oluwafisayomi, from LASUSTECH, also emphasized the impact on business opportunities, saying, “The bad road discourages businesses, especially during the rainy season. Repairing the road will boost sales and encourage more establishments.”


Mrs. Oluchi Helen concurred, stating, “The road is not enjoyable, affecting both dry and rainy seasons. Reconstruction will attract more customers and make marketing easier for us.”
A local shop owner detailed the struggles faced during the rainy season, emphasizing the need for gutter installation. “We need a good road from the first gate to Remilekun down,” she implored.

Conclusively , the collective cry from Lambo Lasuwon’s residents emphasizes the pressing need for government intervention to bring relief to their daily struggles on the neglected road.