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Labourer sent to 10 years imprisonment for robbery


By Felix Kuyinu

The High Court in Ikeja, Lagos, has convicted a mason, Samson Saliu, to jail for robbery during early hours of the day in Ijora, Badia Bridge, Lagos.

Justice Modupe Nicole-Clay at the court on Monday sentenced the 30 year-old to a 10 year jail term having been charged on six counts bordering on conspiracy and armed robbery by the State government.

The state’s Prosecuting counsel, Adeshola Bello, said the convict whose first arraignment was on July 21, 2021, committed the offences with others not yet arrested using a jack knife and ground plug

The prosecutor said that the convict robbed one Jamiu Ramon of N25,000 on December 21, 2016 at about 6am.

According to Bello, the jailbird also robbed one Abdulqudus Ayomide of his Smile Wifi, a Visafone Wifi, ATM cards, a make-up bag, and a bag containing a Samsung phone, a Blackberry phone and an iPad, all property of Ayomide’s boss.

The prosecutor further told the court that Saliu on December 23, 2016, at about 7:30 pm, robbed one Odiri Oginni of her phone and handbag containing a White wristwatch and a memory card and on the same day robbed one Patrick Eki of a Samsung Symphony phone, an Apple iPad, an external hard drive, a flash drive, a Bible, and the cash sum of N180,000; all offences contravening Sections 299 and 297 (2), (a) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2015.

However, Saliu pleaded not guilty to the charges against him and the trial commenced on

During his first arraignment on October 22, 2022, the prosecutor called two witnesses in Patrick Eki and Adekunle Adeoye who testified against the convict before he later changed his plea during his initial trial on October 22, 2022.

While delivering judgment on Monday, Justice Nicole-Clay held that the first prosecution witness, Eki, had testified that the convict and others were robbing people in their cars which attracted his attention.

The judge said that the witness was on his way home from work when he saw that there was heavy traffic on Eko Bridge, so he decided to go through Ijora Badiya. He later got stucked in the traffic at Ijora Badiya and where he was accosted and robbed by the convict and his accomplices

The judge said that Eki, who testified that he drove a Gulf car when the incident occurred, stated that after they approached him, they asked him to wind down his glass but he refused.

“He said he refused to wind down his glass so they forcefully broke down his glass and stole his Samsung Symphony phone, an Apple iPad, external hard drive, flash drive, Bible, and the cash sum of N180,000″, said the presiding judge.

“After they finished robbing him, he drove one way and they ran after him until he got to the Oando filling station at Ijora Badiya, and while they were trying to fix his tyre, he said he saw Saliu and then raised the alarm that he was one of the people who robbed him, but Saliu said he was not a thief.

“He said that he was about to be lynched when the police came and they reported him to the police. But he still insisted that he was not a thief until the police found some jewellery with him and a phone.

Justice Nicole-Clay continued saying, “Eki said when the owner of the phone was called, that he came to make a statement at the police station, that was how the convict was detained.

“The witness has also said that it was seven people that robbed him and also robbed others”.

The judge further stated that the second prosecution witness, Adekunle Adeoye, had also testified that the convict had also robbed him on September 23, 2016.

He said the convict knocked on the side of his glass and he asked him what is it. He responded by breaking the glass and stole a handbag make-up bag belonging to the witness’ boss.

The judge further held that on October 9, 2023, the convict was re-arraigned on an amended charge after he changed his plea.

She said the amended charge was now conspiracy and attempted robbery which contravened Sections 301 and 406 of the criminal law of Lagos State 2015.

Justice Nicol-Clay in her judgment said after going through the plea bargain agreement she finds him guilty of the offenses.

“Samson Saliu, I found you guilty and I sentence you to 10 years imprisonment.

“The term of the imprisonment shall commence from the day he was first remanded in 2016, I so hold,” the judge said.