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Jersey Launch: Ghetto Tigers, The Toast Of Odi-olowo Ojuwoye LCDA – Ajala



By Saheed Afolabi


Following the official launch of the Ghetto Tigers jerseys, chairman of Odi-olowo Ojuwoye LCDA, Mr Rasaq Ajala says the club is the toast of the community due to their massive achievements over the years.


Since coming into existence six years ago, Ghetto Tigers have won 16 titles in different parts of Lagos state. Their women’s wing took the bull by the horn to clinch their first title last year in Oshodi.

Basking on the euphoria of the impressive performances of Ghetto Tigers in football, Ajala commended the club for enlarging their coast of trophy cabinet to different parts of Lagos state.


The council boss said the major aim of the club is to spread their tentacles to other parts of Lagos and also Nigeria at large while enlisting them into one of the tiers of Nigeria football league.

“It has become the toast of the LCDA, the residents see themselves as part owners of Ghetto Tigers. Their performance have been really solid and impressive, formerly they use to be regional champions but now they have gone on to win titles in different parts of Lagos state.

“The major aim is to ensure we take them to the state level and by extension the national level.

“We are working on enlisting Ghetto Tigers to the Nigeria professional football league and anything that will bring more positivity to the club is what the Manager, Azeez Mustapha is doing.”

Ajala also revealed that the club would own their own personal stadium and other infrastructures in the foreseeable future.


“We are looking at providing structures and the needed facilities and to encourage the players with a lot of incentives.

“Primarily, scouting for players is from the local government, our community. You will agree with me that, football has become a huge business, so we will not limit our scouting of players to the local government alone. So we will definitely look elsewhere so as to make sure, we fortify our club with the right players that will give us the desired result.

“So now, we are just playing at the divisional.

“Going forward as a club is for us to have our own facilities that will include hostels, pitch and every other infrastructure that will enhance the greater part of our players.”