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Isolo PPFN trains 40 LUTH students on family planning


Isolo PPFN trains 40 LUTH students on family planning

By Damilola Kushimo

About 40 students of midwifery from Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) have completed a 6-week intensive family planning and reproductive health training at the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN), Isolo to perfect their education acquired in the university.

At their graduation ceremony on Friday July 12, 2019, the Clinic Officer, PPFN Isolo, Mrs. Roseline Hassan, boasted that the students have successfully been equipped with modern knowledge and techniques as regards effective family planning and reproductive health service having gone through theoretical training and on-field activities.

“Just as they are ready to provide quality service as midwives, they are as well ready to provide service as family planners. We all know family planning is germane in controlling population and to ensure the economy of a nation is stabilised because if you are able to effectively plan a family, there won’t be a situation of overpopulation,” she noted.

One of the graduates, Miss Anusiem Gloria, confessed that prior to the training and exposure at the PPFN, she had shallow knowledge and misconceptions about family planning healthcare service.

She said: “Before now, my orientation about family planning is relatively shallow. I and most of my colleagues were used to insertions and the common techniques but, we’ve been exposed to something different, I mean different techniques. Going to the field for the practical was great, we were able to put to practice most of what we were thought and no doubt we will be great family planners. I will want to appreciate PPFN for being great; I felt great coming to PPFN because of its success history.”

Also speaking, the Programme Officer Service Delivery, PPFN South Western Region, Mrs. Oreoluwa Scott-Ashley, assured that with the quality of the training from PPFN, the trained midwives would be the best family planning provider, stressing that she was convinced that they would perform very well in the field.

She informed that one of the ways out of overpopulation that has been affecting the standard living in Nigeria is family planning.

She said: “As we all know, we are so many in Nigeria. We are up to 198 million and I want to advise every woman out there to go for family planning, it is the best way to plan ones family and curb overpopulation.”