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Isolo market traders lament low sales in rainy season


By Abolaji Adebayo

As rain continues to fall incessantly, the traders in Isolo market have lamented low sales, saying that the situation may , cause total loss to some traders.

According to them, their sales in the market have reduced significantly since the rain started as many people prefer to buy in their vicinity rather than coming to the market whenever it rains.

The situation does not affect the street traders alone as the shop owners also complained the same since they are all in the same market place.


This also cuts across various goods including foodstuffs, meats, vegetables and even wears.

Some of the meat sellers who spoke to Echonews maintained that they were at risk of losing money whenever it rained especially during market hours.

They said that since there were no facilities to preserve their meats, it would be tantamount to loss of money if they were not able to sell their meats on daily basis.

The same complain was lodged by those selling perishable goods such as tomatoes.

They therefore demanded that if the government and or individual private investors could invest in preservative facilities in the market and across other market, it would be a gain-gain business for both the investors and the traders in the market.