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Ikosi-Isheri LCDA Empowers Residents with 25 Million Naira Business Grants



Kehinde Adeleye

Princess Samiat Bada, the Chairman of Ikosi-Isheri LCDA, inaugurated the Mayoress Empowerment/Business Grant Support program which distributed financial aid to members of the community to promote entrepreneurship and economic advancement.

A total of 25 million naira was given to 1000 residents, each receiving 25,000 naira.

This grant will aid individuals in starting or expanding their businesses, supporting their families, and boosting the local economy.


The Chairman, in her speech, affirmed her commitment to fostering an environment of growth and prosperity for all residents.

She stressed the administration’s focus on empowering residents and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Chairman also underscored the significance of supporting small businesses as a vital component of the local economy, generating employment opportunities and bolstering economic sustainability.

Bada’s cash relief efforts aim to empower individuals to overcome challenges and reach their full potential. Her support for artisans, market sellers, and merchants highlights their stories of determination and resilience.

The initiative reflects her strong belief in the community’s ability to thrive despite adversities, encouraging recipients to use the financial assistance to drive progress and prosperity.


The Council Boss emphasized the importance of unity and hard work in achieving collective success, thanking the dedicated team members and volunteers for their invaluable contributions.

She urged grant beneficiaries to approach their future endeavors with courage and persistence, recognizing that obstacles can be opportunities for growth and innovation.

She called upon everyone to reaffirm their commitment to supporting, collaborating, and uplifting one another. By coming together, they can transform challenges into opportunities, turn dreams into reality, and transform aspirations into achievements.