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IKODASS Endorses “Heroism Of Erelù Ota” For 32nd Ikorodu Oga Day Festival


By Nurudeen Adebayo

As part of efforts to promote the rich culture of the people of Ikorodu and to further shine a spotlight on the subject of the play, the Ikorodu-Oga Development Association (IKODASS) has announced its endorsement of the theatrical piece for the 32nd Ikorodu-Oga Day Festival coming up in November.

This was contained in a letter of endorsement signed by the Chairman, Deac. Rotimi Erogbogo, reads in part:
“Having followed the staging of Heroism of Erelú Ota in May, coupled with the adulation of the packed hall and the rave reviews the play received thereafter, IKODASS does not hesitate to endorse the staging of Heroism of Erelú Ota on Thursday, November 16, 2023, as part of the interludes at the 32nd Ikorodu Oga Festival. This piece projecting history is worthy of all the support it should get.”

It could be recalled the play premiered on May 1, 2023, at the prestigious Ikorodu Ultra-modern Townhall and received lots of adulation from the old and young generations present at the event.

The Heroism of Erelú Ota, a play that retells the heroic exploits of the first Iya EgbCOVEReIkorodu. Narrating her ordeals, altruistic support, and her bravery during the Agbala War of the 19th century.


speaking to the director of the play he said “On behalf of my team, I express my gratitude to God almighty. Also, I appreciate IKODASS for the endorsement of this piece.”

“Staging the play at the 32nd Ikorodu-Oga Day Festival is not only a huge privilege; it is also a challenge for us at DBard Creative Media to deliver a handsome production, beating our previous performance

We appreciate the spectators at the Erelú Ota performance debut in May, 2023 for the positive reviews, and objective criticisms. We are determined to improve upon all to deliver the best subsequently.”

“In the same vein, I appreciate our cast, the Nurudeen Ibrahim Arts Foundation Troupe (NIAF), for the revered production in May, and we cannot forget the relentless effort of the technical director, Mr. Oyewole Salami, of Lagos State University.”

As we set forth on this mission to rejuvenate our historical and cultural artifacts, we call on stakeholders and individuals to support this project,” Waliu concluded.

The Heroism of Erelú Ota (The Return) is scheduled to take place on Thursday, November 16, 2023, at the Ikorodu Ultra Modern Townhall by 4 p.m.