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“I Will Grow Ejigbo IGR By Creating A Dependable Database Against Leakages” – Oduse



Prince Daniel Olusegun ODUSE, popularly known as, D00, is a seasoned politician and grassroot mobiliser. He speaks to our correspondent Saheed Afolabi on his ambition to contest for chairman of Ejigbo Local Council Development Area and his various plans to expand the scope of development in the area.



Q : When have you been nursing this ambition and what is motivating you to want to contest?

As far as politics is concerned, it has been a long time dream coming and every victory is celebrated. where the stakes are just as high as the competition and the impact on society is immeasurable.

I Hon. Prince Daniel Olusegun ODUSE ‘D00’ met President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in Paris. He has been a very admirable role model to me, considering the many significant socioeconomic changes he brought to Lagos State back then. So, I discussed my interest in politics with him. To this, he responded positively and satisfactorily.

Besides, I am a philanthropist. I have done a lot of charity assistance. So, in the process of doing this, people also have been calling out for me in the community, telling me how much they want me to take up political leadership positions. And, personally, I believe I can do better.


Q: I observe you have been fraternising with political elite over the years, is anybody sponsoring you ? Who is your godfather?

Hon. Kehinde Bamigbetan “KOK” the Special Adviser to the Minister of Solid Mineral Resources Hon. Dele Alake and Former Commissioner for Information and Strategy, He is my Boss, my mentor, such a great leader, at all time I Hon. Prince Daniel Olusegun ODUSE ‘D00’ will always thank him for his leadership and for making me feel like a valued aspirant. He makes my work feel, as well he has been encouraging and making sure that the party is strengthened by giving equal playing ground to every member and aspirants, the team success and his leadership and vision are incredibly appreciated, KOK is OKAY

Distinguished Senator MAMORA Adeleke Olorunnimbe who served as the minister of Science and Technology from 2022 to 2023. He previously served as the minister of State for Health from 2019 to 2022. His my father’s good friend, they both went to the same secondary school, Ijebu-Ode grammar school, He has been like a father to me in politics,

Distinguished Senator ABIRU Mukhail Tokunbo, Lagos East Senatorial District in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who is married to my Aunty, He has been a mentor to me.


Q: Have you in any way attended to the needs of the people of Ejigbo perhaps through Corporate Social Responsibility or as a caregiver?

I have done through the grace of God. But with the look of things, I am going to only share the few I can remember from my recent engagements. Foremost, I make yearly donations of food stuffs to the less-privileged in Ejigbo Local Council Development Area. In my effort to see to the fact that education is accessible to the youth, l did purchase the 2023 JAMB, 2024 JAMB forms for over 60 for young secondary school leavers in the same area. Consistently, l have never stopped encouraging young and old within my reach. Annual Award for the Best Graduating Pupil Team-Mates Children School, at Power-line Rd, Orilowo, Ejigbo.

During the festive period, I made numerous donations to many, including the donations I made to a number of football clubs in the community. There is no secret that I sponsor school inter house sport as evidence of my love

Politically, I Hon. Prince Daniel Olusegun ODUSE ‘D00’ i have also rendered individual assistance to party members in Ejigbo Local Council Development Area. I do this paramountly because I feel empowering political leaders and party excos in Ejigbo Local Council Development Area is part of building the community and facilitating effective leadership.


Q: What are you bringing to the table that you think previous administrations had not done and how will you implement it considering the allocation?

what I understand is that, once a man’s passion is in something and it has, by course of interest, become part and parcel of him, there is no going back to doubting his excellence nor the substance of what he can achieve.

Another very powerful motivation for me is coming to the realisation that, as humans, we all have common and basic needs that, if met as and when due, will not only give us peace of mind, but that it will also help us establish consistent progress in every other area of our lives. For instance, the area of security which involves ensuring the safety of the community, or education where many students will be placed on scholarships annually without discrimination, or infrastructure that will include different constructions of amenities, to name a few – all are social necessities. They must be touched.

In addition to creating empowerment within the community, I will make sure I build libraries and take steps to improve the educational facilities within the locality, provide accommodation or housing facilities to homeless individuals or people who need help, invest in projects that will solve health issues and I will no doubt set priorities to help with the buildings of hospitals and ensuring adequate supplies, sponsor the arts and programmes that help instill moral values, increase the community engagements on internal revenue, clean up trash around the neighborhood, and many more.Others are goal planning, implementation and finally, the intermittent evaluation of my leadership character.

Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth, I will create a supportive ecosystem for young entrepreneurs.


The previous administrations have done exceedingly well up to this present administration of Hon Monsuru Obe. I am going to consolidate their achievements. Moreover, we are going to do more on sporting activities as a business,embark on sustainable business investment that will continually be a source of revenue to the LG, more road infrastructural development,equip health facilities to deliver good health care services to the pregnant, women, young, the youth and the old. We will do more as our revenue permits

Q: How do you hope to revive the sport sector in Ejigbo?

Great question.

Imagine a mind that has been shaped by the intensity and passion of sports, where every move is calculated, every decision is strategic, Imagine that same mind channeling its energy and driving into politics, I have always been a firm believer in the power of sports to bring communities together. That is why I started to study professional Sport management because I knew that sport can inspire and uplift individuals from all walks of life. Through various initiatives and programs. Already i have started given out footballs and sport kits to Ejigbo football clubs, and i have holds some meeting with Ejigbo Coaches to promote football in Ejigbo, all this plan will come to past when i get to the office in 2025, by God’s Grace, I Hon. Prince Daniel Olusegun ODUSE ‘D00’ promised you, you will see a big difference and my impact positively in sport once i am elected as next chairman Ejigbo LCDA, I will ensure through the sport Ejigbo Lagos will be well known in Lagos and Nigeria.


Q: IGR is very important to the development of an LCDA, how do you hope to increase Ejigbo IGR?

 As we have known that our IGR comes mainly from levies, rates, local taxes from markets, shops, entertainment and others, we have to encourage people to pay these taxes, levies and rates.

We have to maintain a dependable database that will eliminate evasion and also make use of automation collection systems to eliminate any form of leakages.

Most importantly,we are going to expand the tax base by creating sustainable investment that will be owned by the local government and this will be bringing in more revenue to the Local government


Q: What Contributions or development have you attracted or done to Ejigbo LCDA residents before? 

My Achievements are numerous, it includes the purchase of 2023, 2024 JAMB Form for Young Secondary Leavers in Ejigbo

 Yearly donations of food stuffs to less privilege in Ejigbo Local Council Development Area

 Festive period donations in Ejigbo Local Council Development Area


 Individual assistant on party members, Ejigbo Local Council Development Area

 Empowerment to political leaders in Ejigbo Local Council Development Area

 Empowerment to excos party members in Ejigbo Local Council Development Area

 Annual Award for the Best Graduating Pupil, Team-Mates Children School, Ejigbo

 Empowerment football kits to some football clubs in Ejigbo


 Sponsor of inter house sport Ejigbo Model Pry School

 Sponsor of inter house sport Fadu Memorial Pry School

 Donations of sport kids to all the primary school pupils

The next project to all Ejigbo to benefit from Hon Prince Daniel Olusegun ODUSE ‘DOO’ is Health Check up, Malaria Health Check, Eye Check up, HIV Check up, Blood pressure check up, The project is coming soon.

Q: What if you are asked to step down for another aspirant, what will be your next move?


(Laugh) Our party is a fair party and our leaders give level playing ground to all aspirants. What this means is that we will go through a fair selection of candidates and even before an aspirant is asked to step down, that aspirant would have known that it was done in fair spirit and in the interest of the party. Hence, we will all work for the success of the party not an individual interest, having played a progressively role and my involvement within the (TMM) Ejigbo and Ejigbo community, knowing very well that my Leader Hon. Kehinde Bamigbetan, is a God fairing man

Q: Many have argued that you stay abroad and don’t stay in the community to fraternise with the grassroots, how do you intend to sort this out ahead of the primary?

I think this question contradicts your earlier question where you asserted that you have observed that I have been fraternising with political elite over the years. My staying abroad as no effect, I stay abroad no doubt, I came home often and I have a very good relationship with Ejigbo grassroot, dont forget I was born and bred in Ejigbo Aigbaka, I am the son of the soil of Ejigbo, I am made in Ejigbo ‘Igbaika Ward’. I come home regularly and hold meetings with the elders of our party,members of our party, different groups in the party and even the residents of Ejigbo. I support the party in different ways, I support the party members. as son of the soil. It has been my life long dream to contribute my God’s given skills, talent and knowledge to my childhood base Ejigbo LCDA. I was fully involved and physically present during the last elections. Even whenever I am not around, it is the grassroots that are championing this cause because they believe in my capability based on what I have done and what I am still doing in the party.