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Help construct Oke-Ogbere Community Road – Baale appeals to govt


– Help construct Oke-Ogbere Community Road – Baale appeals to govt


By Damilola Kushimo


The Baale of Oke-Ogbere Community, Isolo Local Council Development Area (LCDA), High Chief Tajudeen Amoo Orilowo has appealed to the state government to put the community on its agenda to help them reconstruct the community road which has become totally dilapidated.


Orilowo, who appreciated the federal government for the construction of a flyover bridge over the canal, connecting the locality to neighbouring communities, stressed that there is need for the construction of the major road that leads to the community from Ago-Okota Expressway.


He noted that the road, if reconstructed, would complement the bridge and facilitate more sustainable developments in the community.


“The state of the community road is appalling, it is not motorable, we’ve been sustaining it based on individual and collective efforts. But we need government’s support to make the road worthwhile. It is beyond our effort.”


He added that the local government supported them once but has desisted since the beginning of the current administration.


“The council has helped us once and that was during the first term of the incumbent chairman, Hon. Shamsudeen Olaleye, but, this time around, we are yet to see any palliative support. Rain remains our nightmare in the community whenever it rains it gets worse. Though it is a state road but we are hopeful of some positive actions from the local government, as we earnestly await the intervention of the state government.


“Alongside the construction of the road, we expect the second side drainage to be done. Thank God the federal government through National Inland Waterways has constructed bridge over the canal which now connects us to other communities, but without the construction of this major road, we can’t heap a sigh of relieve as regards transportation in the community.


“With the bridge, people who had abandoned their properties have begun developing them. We all believe that if the road is in a perfect shape it will facilitate so many laudable developments and popularise the community through frequent passage by commuters.


“Beyond that, it will bring about market growth to all traders in many forms. It will enhance inter-community trade between Oke-Ogbere and its neighbouring communities. We hope the government will see to out plight soon.”