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Health educator says regular clean-up checks cholera


With the recurrence of cholera in other areas of Lagos State leading to deaths, a health educator has called on residents to sanitise their environment and maintain good habits.
The presiding Health Officer Ishaga/Ire-Akare Primary Health Centre,. Mrs. Abdul Raheem said parents should ensure regular environmental clean-up noting that the exercise is one major way to curb health threatening diseases and maintain a disease- free life.
Speaking with Echonews on health matters, Mrs.Raheem said only a stringent environmental clean-up of homes will save families from catching infections.
“Regular environmental sanitation should be strictly observed and this cuts across eradication of stagnant water, cutting of bush, cleaning of the environment. Personal hygiene, constant usage of treated mosquito net, all these are all health measures that must be observed to maintain a disease-free life” she concluded.
She commended the residents for their massive turnout in the just concluded maternal and child health week in the community.
“the turnout from residents was impressive, they really came out en mass for the program and indeed, it was encouraging.