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Group Canvasses For More Networking, Knowledge Exchange In The Judiciary



By Felix Kuyinu

A delebration held by practitioners in the legal system has preached on the news for more connectivity, liasing and knowledge exchange by lawyers for more synergy in the law profession.

The inducement was made known in an interaction convened by the African Corporation and Government Counsel (ACGF) held at the Banwo & Ighodalo Law Chambers, Lagos.


During the event, the ACGF group hinted on the pressing need for in-house lawyers to connect, share experiences, and foster a sense of community within the legal landscape as emphasized by Nankunda Katangaza, Co-founder, and Director of ACGC.

Katangaza who noted the significance of such social events for in-house lawyers said, “The origin of the association itself is such that lawyers working in-house don’t tend to have a gathering place.

“Very often, associations cater to lawyers working in law firms rather than in in-house roles. So, they are often a bit isolated from each other.”

The forum far removed from the typical formalities, provided a platform for in-house lawyers to forge connections and celebrate the achievements of ACGC in 2023

Justine Lewa, Chairman of the In-house and Government Counsel Forum, NBA Lagos Branch, stressed on the importance of networking and highlighted the collaborative potential between ACGC and the NBA Lagos branch.


Ken Etim of Banwo & Ighodalo conveyed the firm’s alignment with ACGC’s vision, emphasizing their support for the organiaation’s mission and aspirations for the future.

The ACGC, established in 2019, claimed it has rapidly evolved since its inception, boasting over 1,000 members across more than 20 African countries. Katangaza shared the organization’s humble beginnings, born out of a need voiced during a lunchtime conversation at a previous NBA-SBL conference, where in-house lawyers expressed a desire for dedicated spaces and events tailored to their professional needs.

She disclosed that by providing a platform for in-house lawyers to flourish, ACGC envisions a promising future, extending its scope to embrace legal professionals from various African countries ranging from Egypt, French colonies and other nations, thereby forestering a pan-African legal entity with the motive of transcending linguistic and national boundaries.

Katangaza also disclosed that the organisation’s upcoming 2024 annual conference slated for Accra promises to be a continental convergence, drawing legal practitioners from diverse African nations.

This commitment to fostering collaboration and momentum among in-house lawyers reflects ACGC’s steadfast dedication to creating a cohesive and supportive network for legal professionals across Africa.


Attendees indulged in finger foods, beverages, and the lively beats that thawed the usually reserved ambiance, encouraging light-hearted interactions, snooker games, and dancing.