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Ghetto Tigers moving positively forward, Azeez Mustapha says



By Saheed Afolabi


The Team Manager of Ghetto Tigers, Azeez Mustapha has disclosed that the club is moving forward.


The astute sport administrator said he would like to attract the positives of every situations and revert back to the drawing board to analyse their steps.

Mustapha added that Ghetto Tigers defied all odds to move beyond the rookies stage the Lagos FA Cup but classified their second round game lost at the FA Cup as a step forward.

“I like to draw the positives from every situation and then go back to the drawing board to see what we could have done to achieve a greater result,” he told exclusively.

“This year we won our first game in the competition and also scored our first goal. We can even say we balanced up our goal difference in the Rookie round.

“We lost to Chalrsesann 3 – 0 in 2021 and 1 – 0 to B Arena in 2022. This year fired 4 goals oast Fearless Academy in just a game.


“We would go on to lose our first-round game but it was a step forward from where we were in the last two years.”