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“Future Of Power Generation Bright”-Manager, Isolo Electric Office


The Manager of the Isolo Electricity Undertaking Office, Engineer Adebayo Adesiyan has reassured Lagos residents, of the circulation of prepaid meter to everyone in the community.
At a brief interview with ECHONEWS recently, Adesiyan said the distribution of prepaid meters will be made gradually across the communities, up, until everyone has. Adding that the distribution is gradual, from one area to another, to maintain adequate distribution and proper installation.
“The metering exercise is an on-going process and we meter feeder by feeder, that is, one area after another and very soon, it will go around and everyone will be given” he said. Clearing the air on the raving speculation that the distribution company charges money for meter allocation.
Engr. Adesiyan firmly said nothing of such have happened since the power sector had been privatized. “Whenever it is ready, it will be given to everybody, nobody pays for prepaid, it’s free” he said emphatically.
Concerning the claim by the public, of excessive tariffs, he explained the process of billing. “Tariff regulation is the duty of National Electricity Commission (NERC) and not the work of any of the electricity distribution companies. (NERC), not IKEDC, EKEDC, Abuja Electric, oversees billings” he affirmed.
He assures the public of even distribution of power supply in all nooks and crannies of the state, as more power is generated. Adding that the future electricity supply is bright.