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FRSC celebrates children’s day


The day was tagged ” Our Children, Our Future,Say No to Road
It was organized by RS2.111 Isolo unit command at Zion event
The event was to motivate and safeguard the lives of the future leaders on whose shoulder lies the burden of the future.
The sector commander RS2.1 Lagos,corps commander Hygenus
U Omeje at R2.111 Isolo unit was ably represented by deputy corps
commander Rahila Kokli.
In his speech, he pointed out FRSC as an
institution whose passion for children is hinged on the belief that
children are great agents of positive change and children must be
given their rightful place in the campaign against the scourge of
untimely death on our roads.
He added that the youth safety education must hit it’s 2017
corporate strategic goals,cardinal amongst which is 15% reduction of
Road Traffic Accidents and 25% reduction in its attendant fatality,then the future
leaders must be adequately and intellectually prepared to correct the
errors of the past.
He also emphasised on the need of road safety club, which was
established as a means of teaching the younger generations good road culture.
He summed up with the word of Indian first prime minister,Jawaharlal
Nehru who said “children are like birds in the garden and
should be carefully and lovingly nurtured,as they are the future of
the nation and the citizen of tomorrow”
Recognizing this need,the youth motivational speaker, Ben Edem
admonished the future leaders to take the bold step in equipping
themselves with education.
According to him, with reading comes
knowledge,with knowledge comes power and with power they can change
the world for good.
Other events such as quiz ,debate competition,cultural dance,
drama display and Nigeria Red Cross Oshodi /Isolo division parade
squad display
The participants were drawn from various schools both private and public
within the command’s jurisdiction.
The quiz competition ended with award presentation to the first three
Ajumoni Senior Grammar school took the first position followed by Matori Senior Grammar School as the second position while Ansar udeen Senior Grammar school came third.