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Fake pastor arrested over alleged attempted rape


Fake pastor arrested over alleged attempted rape

By Olushola Okewole


One David Daniel, who claimed to be a pastor, has been arrested for allegedly making attempt to rape a lady in Ejigbo last week.


Daniel, who was later discovered to be a fake pastor, was said to have come from Okokomaiko to meet the lady (name withheld) in her beads shop at Ailegun Road, Ile-Epo, Ejigbo and prophesied about her life and business.


Narrating the incident, the victims said the man came into her shop and thinking he came  to buy something from her because she sold beads and perfumes, attended to him.


The alleged pastor started prophesying that some wicked people were planning to silence her business, which she believed because she usually saw blood at the shop when she came in the morning.


She continued: “And he asked if I had anointing oil and I said no, he then asked for water which I brought to him. Then he asked for my age, I said 33 years old. He said I would need to pay N33,000 as seed before he could do anything for me. I told him I didn’t have such money.

Fake pastor – David Daniel

Then he asked how long I have spent in that shop and I said more than three years. So, he said I should pay N3,050 before doing anything, I didn’t have the cash so I sent my sister to go and get the money from the bank, and he started prophesying and revealing other things which made me believe him because it was what was happening to me.


“He said he wanted to go and bless my newly rented house and that he was now my God father that I should always call him to tell him what’s happening to me.


“So, when my sister came with the money, he asked me to place the money and the prayer points he has given me on the Bible, and he asked me to pray on the prayer points one side. After I did, he packed the money in the Bible, and he burned the prayer points and packed the ashes in nylon with the matches used and asked me to throw it in the dustbin.”


She said further that the suspect later came back the same day to pray for her in the midnight and also promised to come the next day to go and bless her newly rented house.


According to her, it was in her house where the suspect made attempt to rape her while pretending to be praying for her when he was caught, beaten and taken to Ejigbo Police Station.


The police source told ECHONEWs that the suspect would soon be charged to court as he confessed to have committed the offence.