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Entrepreneur organises seminar on importation business for Ejigbo residents


Entrepreneur organises seminar on importation business for Ejigbo residents

By Sunday Ogundiran

A business entrepreneur located at Jakande Estate, Aris Bassey, who deals in the importation and sales of human accessories, is set to organise seminar for the residents of Ejigbo who are interested in importation business.

The CEO of Arit Gold Entrepreneurship Academy, a vocational initiative and business citadel said the beneficiaries would be educated on how to import goods such as human hair, bags, clothes, belts and others in large quantity from China via procurement and shipping services, adding that they would have opportunity to learn the art of the trade first hand from her at the seminar.

According to her, the seminar is to empower interested unemployed youths as well as employed people who need business skills to add up to their monthly income.

She said: “The entrepreneurship academy is born out of the need to save our youths from been idle because it is always said that an idle hand is a devils workshop, that is, being idle can make anybody to do anything negative.

“Through the business seminar, we inculcate into interested people full knowledge of entrepreneurship that can make them be on their own.”

She further stated that women empowerment is the programme meant to help and facilitate all married women and single nursing mother to get them enlightened, educated, equipped and acquire appropriate skills needed to make them their own boss.

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